flower poetry 2015 — $79.95 AUD per roll / A4 sample — $3.30 AUD

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about collection

Flowers and stripes are still firm favourites in wallpaper design, as long as they are presented for the modern taste and provide a romantic experience without any playful opulence. Flower Poetry presents generously proportioned blossoms in soft pastel colours such as rose, blue, mint, and yellow, providing a light and airy atmosphere. The perfect way to simply and quickly create favourite spaces. The light touch of the wallpaper leaves plenty of space for unusual furnishings. ‘Thanks for the flowers,’ you’ll feel like saying when you see this new collection. The variety of the designs ranges from filigree Japanese-style watercolour blossoms and Eighties-style graphic elements through to colours such as coral, lemon, apple green, and sky blue. True to nature, the individual designs of the Flower Poetry collection harmonise with one another: hence patterns and elaborate textures can be happily combined, or be decoratively presented together with various solid-colour designs.


non woven
200 g/sqm
roll width
53 cm
roll length
10 m