textile-look vinyl wallcoverings


Three new designs of vinyl wallcoverings with a textile aesthetic have just been released. Onari, Greenbo and Millwood have been designed with the aged care and well-being market in mind. The functionality and benefits of vinyl are paired with a soft and welcoming aesthetic to enhance comfort.





The multi-coloured Millwood design sparkles and looks like linen with the functionality and quality of vinyl. The broad colour series (29 colours) with neutral linen hues, pastels and green tints make every interior soft and natural. Click here to view the full collection.



Greenbo has a natural, organic weave effect. The 20 soft colours are inspired by the gardens of Piet Oudolf. Greenbo lets grass and plant colours return to your interior. Click here to view the full collection.



Onari has a modern textile-like look and feel with a vertical rib. The expanded colour chart (25 colours) includes many natural colours, supplemented by soft pastels and hues of lavender, saffron and papaver. Click here to view the full collection.