set the mood in your room...

Whether you want your space to be bright and welcoming, or dark and cozy, colour is a key factor when selecting wallpaper.

Greenery - Linen Luxe Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Comforting, liveable, and organic, Linen Luxe from the Greenery Collection a perfect wallpaper to use on all four walls. Inspired by the versatile, breathable textile, this delightfully textured wallpaper is...

New Walls - Gilded Geometric Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

This contemporary design is a bold and beautiful option for those looking to reimagine their space one wall at a time. Featuring metallic highlights on a textured base this gorgeous...

Adonea - Zeus Wallpaper

$5.50 – $139.00

Plain colours, but not in the least boring: A small, subtle pattern in a wide range of colours and a raised texture. 

Daniel Hechter 6 - Diamonds are Forever Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Bring a touch of opulence to every room that has been treated to a lavish makeover. The wallpaper's repeat pattern is based on the 1920s Art Deco theme, with trendy...

Universe - Mercury Wallpaper

$5.50 – $139.00

A visual and tactile experience: The combination of shining special effects coupled with overprinted foam texture makes MERCURY something very special indeed. This fabulous wallpaper may look plain at first...

Pop Style - Deco Revival Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Combining classic design with modern hues, Deco Revival is the perfect choice for those looking to add opulence and sophistication to their home but are looking to keep a design...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Playing it Koi Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Dancing Koi Carp swim playfully in this stunning wallpaper that is symbolic in Japan for good fortune and luck. This stylish wallcovering design will add a touch of tranquillity to your home...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Marble Moment Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Luxurious and fabulously realistic this wonderful hi-gloss wallpaper shimmers and shines with metallic veining through its rich colour tones. Available in Blue, Black, Bronze, Dark Green, and Silver, this wallpaper...

Universe - Neptune Wallpaper

$5.50 – $259.00

Plain, but sophisticated: NEPTUNE features a unique finish with real glass beads. The colour of the background shimmers with varying intensity, depending on the play of the light, creating reflections...

Urban Classics - Brera Wallpaper

$5.50 – $139.00

Highlights in gold, silver or copper: BRERA comes to life through the skilful combination of matte and shimmering effects. This wallcovering can transform your space into an elegantly understated sanctuary...

Cuba - Mosaic Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

AS Création's Mosaic wallpaper embodies the beauty of foreign lands e and creates a natural atmosphere with stunning details of metallic patterned precision. This gorgeous design adds a wow factor...

History of Art - Baroque Beauty Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

A lavish, large-scale architecture that exudes luxury and elegance. This delicate baroque-inspired wallpaper features fabulous detailing and texture in beautiful colour variations such as Silver, Cream, Beige, Red, and Blue....

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Luxe Linen Texture Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Comforting, contemporary, and complimentary to any space, Luxe Linen Texture from Metropolitan Stories II, is a perfect wallpaper to use on all four walls. Inspired by the versatile, breathable textile,...

Adonea - Ares Wallpaper

$5.50 – $139.00

Greek-inspired and lushly ornamental: ARES is restrained but features eye-catching embossed textures for uniquely radiant 3D effects.

Adonea - Hermes Wallpaper

$5.50 – $139.00

HERMES is the god of boundaries and transitions. This design rightly bears his name, because it can be applied in classic vertical style or in a daring horizontal fashion.

Daniel Hechter 6 - Modern Monstera Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Bring the outdoors in with this imaginative botanical design. Offered in six versatile tones, White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Grey, and Blue, this design has metallic highlights that will wow. These mixed...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Deco Starburst Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

The Deco Starburst wallpaper takes cues from the golden age and reimagines them for today with modern fine line metallics. Flowing metallic lines converge in this fun and delicate wallcovering that...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Metallic Tartan Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Create a modern yet warm and cosy haven in your home with the  Metallic Tartan wallpaper. Marrying classic colours with fine line metallic tartan overlay this wallcovering design is a...

New Elegance - Textile Look Leaves Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Created in a liveable, fresh, and modern colour palette, this wallpaper features metallic highlights that shine and delight through this subtle design. With a focus on the outlines of foliage, this...

Colibri - Illustrated Flora Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Live outside the frame and let your art cover your walls with this eclectic botanical wallpaper from the Colibri Collection. Available in two lovely color variants, blue with bright green...

Saphira - Baroque and Roll Wallpaper

$5.50 – $109.00

Contemporary yet classical, this fabulous design will delight the senses and create a wonderful atmosphere in your home. With a beautiful metallic shine this wonderful wallcovering adds character to every...

Daniel Hechter 6 - Metallic Chevron Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Metallic Chevron Wallpaper is a stylish choice for those who want to introduce subtle playful energy in their space. The fine zigzag design uses metallic highlights to add depth and character...

Adonea - Aphrodite Wallpaper

$5.50 – $199.00

APHRODITE - the goddess of beauty. No name could be more fitting for this wallpaper from the Adonea collection. Real glass beads on a shimmering background with an ornamental pattern....

Highlands - Feathered Fancy Wallpaper

$5.50 – $109.00

Bring a touch of the exotic home with you. Elegantly composed this fabulous pheasant feather design beautifully enhances every space it graces. Featuring shimmering metallic highlights in silver and gold...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Metallic Moments Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

A sumptuously intricate wallpaper with a bohemian edge, this fabulous wallcovering has an embossed textural feel that is amplified by its metallic tones. Available in five wonderful colour options including Gold with...

Club Tropicana - Geo-Tropicana Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Get in the tropical spirit with this fun and free-spirited wallpaper. This contemporary take on a retro print will leave you dreaming of sun-drenched shores and a pina colada. Layered...

Universe - Saturn Wallpaper

$5.50 – $259.00

Not extraterrestrial, but extraordinary! SATURN conjures up an extraordinary pattern on your wall with its combination of different coloured backgrounds and glass beads or granite. 

Kerala - Check It Out Wallpaper

$5.50 – $159.00

Checkmate! There is no doubt about it - checked patterns are as versatile as can be. This sophisticated and modern take on a classic weaves metallic threads across a slightly...

Kimono - Brilliant Finale Wallpaper

$5.50 – $109.00

Style and elegance with a vintage twist? Not possible, you say? Oh yes, it is. With its fine and vibrant textile structure and shimmering gold, this wallpaper conjures up a...

New life - Metallic Moments in Damask Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

A modern take on the traditional damask design this fabulous wallpaper takes timeless aged damasks and reinvigorates them with contemporary texture and metallic highlights, in four bold colour variations. Choose from...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Render Me in Love Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

A fabulous contemporary concrete style wallpaper that has both the look and feel of the real thing. This fabulous wallcovering comes in a classic colour variation of neutral tones that...

Sumatra - Geo Dots Wallpaper

$5.50 – $109.00

The delicate detailing of geometric dots highlighted with metallics allows this lightly dimensional textured wallpaper to amplify your walls. With gorgeous complementary colours this wallcovering is available in six colours,...

Pop Style - Modern Arch Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Super on-trend this delightful wallcovering will stop you in your tracks with its incredible detailing and design. A stunning wallpaper for all four walls or as a feature, it exudes...

Urban Classics - Soho Wallpaper

$5.50 – $139.00

Industrial style thrives on contrasts - just like SOHO: This pattern evokes a simple iron lattice, with fine gloss effects that lend a very elegant look. 

Daniel Hechter 6 - Daffodil Dreams Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Charismatic florals bloom across this wonderful wallpaper. With metallic highlights emphasizing the beauty and detail of this delicate design, this wallpaper is the perfect design for any wall. Captured in...

New life - Modern Deco Feathers Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

A modern take on the Deco movement, this fun contemporary wallpaper design comes in three classic colourways, Black, White, and Taupe, all featuring metallic accents.  Combined with almost any decor,...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Distressed Matte Metallic Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Offered in a vast array of colours to suit any and all interior styles, Distressed Matte Metallic Wallpaper from Metropolitan Stories II is the perfect wall covering for all four...

Pop Style - Deco Deluxe Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Inspired by the glitz and glamour of the 1920s, Deco Deluxe celebrates the charm of the era in a revamped wallpaper design. Featuring glittering metallics overlayed on contrasting bases, this...

New Walls - Terrazzo Tile Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

A unique print comes to life with this terrazzo scatter pattern wallpaper. Featuring flecks of metallics contrasted with bold-variant bases including Blue, White, Cream, and Black, this geometric design is a stylish statement that will bring...

Versace 3

$5.50 – $219.00

The Versace 3 Collection brings to you the best in luxury wall papers with elaborate detailing and patterns. This wall covering combines geometric prints with botanical, featuring a diamond motif...

Industrial Collection - Weathered Steel Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

This brushed steel wallpaper will give any space a rustic or raw architectural feel. The described features of a steel wall contribute to the realistic effect of this rust metal...

Industrial Collection - Distressed Metallic Geo Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Create a modern industrial theme in your home with this distressed wallpaper. With metallic highlights creating depth and dimension on this wonderful wall covering for all four walls. Offered in...

New life - Deco Delights Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

A fun and fabulous way to decorate, Deco Delights will add a touch of luxury to any room lucky enough to get a glamorous remodel. The geometric repeat pattern of the...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Geo Marble Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Bring luxury and glamour to your walls with this beautiful Geo Marble wallpaper. The natural marble print created in calming tones features metallic highlights of gold and silver. Offered in four...

New Walls - Bohemian Tiles Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

A luxuriously intricate wallpaper with a bohemian vibe, this fabulous wallcovering has a textured feel with metallic detailing. Available in four wonderful color options including Aqua, Taupe, Red, and Purple,...


$5.50 – $460.00

This wallcovering is made up of premium metal cork and features an industrial style weathered texture. It gives the alluring visual of a patina through it's use of metallic tones...

Universe - Venus Wallpaper

$5.50 – $259.00

A pattern is transformed into a visual highlight when glitter and mica, glass beads and granite add additional accents. VENUS plays with light and gives rooms a different feel in...

Universe - Pluto Wallpaper

$5.50 – $259.00

A shimmering background embellished with fine glass beads or real granite, PLTUO turns any room into a distinctive eye-catcher. With a hint of extravagance, this wallcovering will delight and inspire turning...

Versace 4

$5.50 – $219.00

Versace home is the ultimate for style. From one of the most recognisable fashion houses in the world, envelop your space in the Versace home collection. In this eclectic baroque...

Highlands - Scale the Wall Wallpaper

$5.50 – $109.00

This contemporary wallpaper meanders effortlessly from wall to wall making its way through the living room, kitchen and along the hallway with its subtle scale print. Shimmering in the light...

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