set the mood in your room...

Whether you want your space to be bright and welcoming, or dark and cozy, colour is a key factor when selecting wallpaper.

Geo Nordic - Hygee Palms Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Palms prevail yet again with this delightful design. Featuring bold-colored palm trees on a textured linen-look base. This Beautiful wallpaper is a fabulous option for your home. Available in six fresh...

Tropical Dream - Tuvalu Wallpaper

$5.50 – $179.00

You can never go wrong with a solid colour wallpaper: In combination with a mural or a large pattern, it creates an oasis of calm. Alone, it lends a velvety...

Blooming - Floral Flourish Wallpaper

$5.50 – $109.00

The exquisite design of Floral Flourish celebrates fresh, blossoming florals in a beautiful tonal palette to highlight the delightful detailing.

Kerala - Into the Jungle Wallpaper

$5.50 – $159.00

It's not every morning that you get to enjoy a bit of peace in the heart of the jungle, but it can be with this fabulous palm print wallcovering. Lush...

Michalsky 3 - Original Plain Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Taking it back to the basics, Original Plain is a simplistic and luxurious wallpaper with the ability to softly transform a room. Created in a fabulous array of colorways including,...

Tropical Dream - Kiribati Wallpaper

$5.50 – $179.00

A touch of the exotic: Blossoms and leaves glow in vibrant colours and conjure up an image of South Sea island holidays, as if in a dream.

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Roll size 53cm x 10m Pattern Repeat: 0 Installation: paste the wall only

Tessuto - Embossed Filigree Wallpaper

$5.50 – $199.00

A precious wall embellishment on exquisite fabric, this textured wallpaper is a fabulous option for your walls. Offering dramatic comfort for your room, this lovely wallcovering is available in a vast...

Blooming - Chenille Wallpaper

$5.50 – $109.00

The gorgeous Chenille wallpaper is a textured design to create a sophisticated look and feel in your home. The perfect choice for all four walls this design is available in...

Boheme - Plain Velvet Wallpaper

$5.50 – $129.00

This Plain Velvet wallpaper is the perfect reminder to remain calm within modern surroundings. This calming atmosphere can be created using any of the vast colour variations offered. This beautiful...

New Elegance - Delicate Baroque Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

A large-scale opulent design that inspires luxury and elegance. This delicate baroque-inspired wallpaper features fabulous detailing and texture in gorgeous color variations including, Beige, Blue, Lillac, Taupe, and Pink, this...

Slow Living - Flow Wallpaper

$5.50 – $139.00

Everything is in the FLOW with this extraordinary wallpaper: The pattern - very gentle and soft - merges with the substrate and is accentuated only by its raised structure and...

Breeze - Kyoto Wallpaper

$5.50 – $109.00

The Kyoto wallpaper design springs into full bloom onto your walls and celebrates the beauty of nature with a floral arrangement like no other. The perfect feature print this stunning...

Tropical Dream - Moorea Wallpaper

$5.50 – $179.00

Lush and exotic, MOOREA features small birds frolicking amidst oversized florals and botanicals. A stunning design that revives your interiors in a brand new way. 

Ogoni - Linen Look Wallpaper

$5.50 – $119.00

The stunning Linen Look wallpaper is accentuated fabulously with a woven design to create a chic and timeless look in your home. The perfect choice for all four walls this design is...

Papis Loveday - Waves

$5.50 – $229.00

Organic all-over waves pattern with fine hatchings carry the energy of constantly moving dunes.

New Walls - Passionate Peonies Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

An expressive design with class and elegance in abundance, Passionate Peonies features beautiful blooms with delicate detailing on a textured matte paper. Offered in four fabulous colorways, Pink, Purple, White, and...

Absolutely Chic - Textured Chic Wallpaper

$5.50 – $129.00

Express yourself through this texturized look that harnesses the unpredictable patterns found in concrete and stone. Layered with deeper tones and metallics the Textured Chic wallpaper from the Absolute Chic...

Tessuto - Fabric Plain Wallpaper

$5.50 – $199.00

A beautiful wallpaper to fill your rooms, this delightful plain wallpaper has a textural detailing that will delight. Offered in a vast array of colors, there is an option for...

Tessuto - Baroque Texture Wallpaper

$5.50 – $199.00

Delightfully detailed this wonderful textured wallpaper features a fabric base with overlayed flock detailing in a baroque-inspired pattern. Offered in a vast array of colors, there is an option to...

Tessuto - Filigree Trellis Wallpaper

$5.50 – $199.00

This wonderful wallcovering features a beautiful and intricate pattern with a textured fabric base overlayed by a flocked filigree trellis design. Creating an opulent & sophisticated look this wallpaper is offered...

Bude 2.0 - Tropical Paradise Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

 Be transported to paradise with this tropical wallcovering. Featuring vivid imagery this fun botanic print comes in vibrant tones of pink, yellow, and green atop a white background or an...

Versace 3

$5.50 – $219.00

The Versace 3 Collection brings to you the best in luxury wall papers with elaborate detailing and patterns. This colourful wall covering features an eclectic print of Versace tableware featuring...

Universe - Saturn Wallpaper

$5.50 – $259.00

Not extraterrestrial, but extraordinary! SATURN conjures up an extraordinary pattern on your wall with its combination of different coloured backgrounds and glass beads or granite. 

Bude 2.0 - Boho Tiles Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Beautiful, classic, and full of character, this delightful bohemian tile wallpaper has it all. Be transported to the riads of Morocco with its vibrant patterns and mosaic-style tile placement. This...

New Walls - Mediterranean Tiles Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Mediterranean Tiles wallpaper oozes character. A beautiful and realistic textured wallcovering inspired by classic reclaimed tiles comes in five contemporary colors, Blue, Purple, Orange, Taupe, and Beige. A redesign of a...

Tessuto - Textured Stripe Wallpaper

$5.50 – $199.00

Convey style and class through this elegant fabric wallpaper. Offered in a vast array of color variations that will suit any space, this textured stripe wallpaper is detailed on a...

Tessuto - Fancy Filigree Wallpaper

$5.50 – $199.00

Precious wall embellishment on exquisite yarns and fabrics harks back to the roots of humanity. Whether exclusive hotels or private residences Fancy FIligree from the Tessuto Collection conveys class and...

Metropolitan Stories 2 - Contemporary Plains Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

Delightfully textured with a realism that will wow, this contemporary concrete effect wallpaper is featured in five modern colours, Cream, Taupe, Blue, Pink, and red. The perfect complimentary wallpaper that will...

Boho Chic

$5.50 – $129.00

This plain wallpaper with linen textile structure fits into any interior. It brings warmth and rest. Linen is a material that gives a rustic effect to your interior. It's an...

Walls By Patel - Fresco


Walls by Patel are intricate murals with stunning details. This mural is a renaissance style portrait with in deep tones and a paint of canvas look. Please contact the showroom...

New Walls - Bohemian Tiles Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

A luxuriously intricate wallpaper with a bohemian vibe, this fabulous wallcovering has a textured feel with metallic detailing. Available in four wonderful color options including Aqua, Taupe, Red, and Purple,...


$5.50 – $405.00

This deep purple duo sisal woven wall covering has a finely woven texture of purple natural fibre on a purple paper backing and black thread. It has a graphic nature...

Tessuto - Textured Filigree Wallpaper

$5.50 – $199.00

A gorgeous wallpaper option that exudes opulence and style. This delightful design features a fabulous filigree design that has been flocked on top of a textured fabric base. Offered in...

Industrial Elements - Sandstone Wallpaper

$5.50 – $99.00

 This sandstone style wall covering brings a sense of warmth to your walls with it's earthy tones of sand and orange.

Universe - Venus Wallpaper

$5.50 – $259.00

A pattern is transformed into a visual highlight when glitter and mica, glass beads and granite add additional accents. VENUS plays with light and gives rooms a different feel in...

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