designer wallpaper

Let your creativity roam free when designing your living, office, bathroom or kid's rooms, and realise your dreams with wallpaper!

The diversity of our wallpaper collections are for every style, taste & design: discreet or flashy, colourful or monochrome, modern or retro, classic or innovative, textured or smooth. Let your ideas flow with the help of our search engine & filters

Our Non-woven wallpapers (made from eco-friendly sustainable paper & polyester) are washable, breathable and mould resistant. They are made for easy installation: you paste the wall & directly apply the dry wallpaper on-to the glued surface. No fuss!

Our sustainable group 1 (fire rated) wallpapers are NOT pre-pasted or peel & stick. Our wallpapers are also suitable for mould free bathrooms, powder rooms & kitchens all longs as they are not installed near running water.

NOTE: Due to covid restrictions our estimated delivery time is approx. 2-3 weeks.