A beautiful wallpaper can transform a house into a home and now with the introduction of removable non-woven wallpaper it has has never been more accessible to the home decorator. Washable and breathable, made from both natural and synthetic fibers, non-woven wallpapers is mould resistant and the perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Removable non-woven wallpapers make for smoother installs as they no longer require you to soak the paper in messy glue, rather allowing you the to paste directly to the wall.

Unlike days of old, non-woven will not contract or expand and is much easier to shift on the wall, making aligning a breeze. Once dry, around 6 weeks after installation, they are completely dry and will come off easily without steam application. Tear resistant these wallpapers are a fool proof option for those looking to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.