eurowalls healthcare

eurowalls healthcare

Hospitals and care institutions set strict requirements with regard to their interior products. Not just in the area of hygiene

and safety, also with regard to durability and affordability.

In addition, they believe it is highly important that there should be a familiar feeling of being at home for patients and clients and, we must not forget, employees and visitors.

Experience and customer feedback has shown that five issues play an important role in care with regard to the interior. Hygiene and safety, durability, mood, budget and the environment. We have used these issues and the resulting requirements as the basic principles for developing and producing our products: wallcovering, upholstery and

curtain fabrics.

The Vescom collection consists of functional solutions with a unique combination of technical, commercial and aesthetic properties. Our products are hygienic, optimally protected against bacteria and dirt, care-friendly, colourfast, durable, fire retardant, atmospheric and pleasant. And, therefore, extremely suitable for using in the healthcare sector.


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