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Greystone represents the power and strength of solid rock, yet transposed as a modern and sophisticated product: polished stone wall panels. 


Stone is an expression of force, quality, timelessness, traditions and heritage; unchangeable, the base of all foundations, the original material. Stone has a safe and reassuring image. 


- The artwork features blocks of polished stone with huge dimensions, conjuring up the image of ancestral building materials while being exquisitely modern and graphic, through the straightness of the lines and the shiny surface effects. 


- Just like natural stone, which is made up of numerous elements including porous and schisty qualities, this wallcovering has both matt and shiny finishes, and features hints of gold, silver and quartz.


- The colour of Greystone is made up of a subtle blend of 14 shades combining natural stony hues (each colour has 4 shades): 

• from concrete grey to dark slate grey, from Belgian granite (bluestone) to granite, creating contemporary moods

• with white limestone and a wide range of warm sandy shades providing a touch of softness and light

• or even rich and deep hues of lava rock with coppery, bronze or sienna glints.



Greystone is designed for the top-of-the range decoration sector: hotels, offices, accommodation, medical or legal cabinets, or mansion houses.



• Extremely resistant to wear and easy to look after

- Core dyed PVC 360 g/m²: shock and scratch resistant 

- Can be washed and scrubbed 

- Perfect for intensive use in buildings that are open to the general public. 


• Quick and easy to hang, 

- Non-woven backing: simply paste the wall 

- Strip width: 90cm. Quick and easy to hang 

- Delivered to measure 


• For a perfect finish 

- Non-woven back = perfect stability to ensure a perfect seam. 

- Invisible seams due to the core dyed PVC for all colours 


• Meets safety and environmental standards 

- M1 fire rating / Euroclass B – s2 – d0 /A1 substrate

- Water-based inks used for printing, without the use of solvents 


textured vinyl on non woven
360 g/sqm
roll width
90 cm
per lineal meter