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A fully-fledged theme: 

- 25 solid colours, with two different textures: 17 solid colours with a ‘lizard-skin' effect and 8 solid colours with a ‘python-skin' effect. 

- 1 subtle fabric stripe with three colours. 

- 1 ‘needlework' pattern with 4 colours available. 


An ‘artistic wildlife' style: a resolutely modern, graphic and colourful wildlife version 


An embossed python-skin pattern with colours that blend harmoniously together, brought to life with an iridescent sheen, and capturing the light to perfection


Ilanda represents a wild environment, with a wide range of solid colours. All natural hues are featured, and embellished with fashionable colours such as lemon yellow, violet and orange


The collection also features 3 decorative and textured effects: 


A python-skin effect, with horizontal strips, like a modern-day patchwork of skin. Depending on the colours and techniques used (adding matt inks or slightly iridescent properties, varnish), the wallcovering can be either natural or stylish. 


A wide ‘fabric' stripe, blending shades of solid colours, will bring elegance to your walls and create a graphic mood. This wide stripe comes in natural colours and also in a highly fashionable shade: violet. 


And finally a ‘needlework' effect, with contrasting stitching dancing over the skin, giving elegant curves. 


Ilanda is a collection inspired by Mother Nature, designed with all kinds of rooms and spaces in mind, with a wide range of colours and effects to suit all situations. It fits in perfectly with traditional or more contemporary surroundings. 


The quality of this wallcovering makes it suitable for both high-end residential properties and public buildings: hotels, offices, medical cabinets, outstanding houses


• Heavy core-dyed PVC (330 g/m²), with paper backing: scratch and shock resistant. 

• Washable.

• Strip width: 70cm. Quick and easy to hang. 

• Excellent seam finishing, with core-dyed PVC. 

• Fire rating C s2-d0 / M1 when hung on plasterboard. 

• Water-based inks, without solvents. 


textured vinyl on non woven
330 g/sqm
roll width
70 cm
roll length
10 m