about collection

Opéra is an artform wherein each element of the production is essential, the conducteur, the director and the set designer play as important a role as the singer

The same can be said for the OPERA collection : the structure, the pleated taffeta finish as just as important as the printing techniques and decorative details adding an interesting new dimension

OPERA sets the scene with two « trompe l'oeil » backdrops : a crushed and a pleated design. To enhance this visual effect, OPERA puts a new embroidery technique in the spotlight. 

Looking through OPERA you will discover a large colour range of iridescent plains from natural tones to strong shades : purple, indigo, silky orange. 


Four designs are coordinated to this colour palette:


Two trompe l'oeil designs:

- A pleated design « Plissé » 

This design impresses with light and shade creating the effect of a curtain, giving the inspiration for the name of the collection, Operas often being staged in theatres. This design is available in 4 colours : purple, blue, orange and pearl grey. 

- A crushed design « Froissé »

Between a design and a plain this finish is both soft and light. Feelings of comfort, luxury and pleasure are foremost. 4 colours are proposed : ecru, taupe, purple and pearl grey. 



Two embroidered designs :

- Ornamental

This majestic embellishment is embroidered using a tonal satin thread, creating light, interlocking loops..

- A ribbon design

Restrained and elegant bicoloured entwined embroidery.