about collection

Sophistication, subtlety, matte and glossy finishes were the inspiration behind the PRIVILEGE collection. PRIVILEGE has the feel of a textile collection with the advantages of a non-woven support.


Using a special technique PRIVILEGE become an obvious choice : on a coloured background a voile of delicate, non-woven fibres are superposed vertically. This layer combines with the background giving depth to the decor. 


Two plains : a textile, a linen weave 

This versatile texture, rich in colour variations is the foundation of the collection. This plain is proposed in a wide colour palette. 

A pure white, natural beige, pearl grey are the lighter shades which are combined with new, timeless classics : with cardinal purple which has made its mark, a subtle autumnal yellow, a striking indigo-blue and a vivid.

The burnished finish of the gold and silver add a touch of glamour. 


To complete and enrich the range, four linen weave chiné-plains to inspire creative associations.. This weave is available in 4 colours : beige, violet, silver and black. 


Three designs : « Couture », « Damask », « Voile » Stripe 

« Couture ». The design is a regular, all-over ornamental motif, with the appearance of hand-stitched embroidery with a matte thread. The detail and finesse give the illusion of exquisite hand-embroidery. 


« Damask ». This jacquard-style finish allows the fibres of the voile to be seen through the design. A more classic alternative than the Couture design. It is a chic combination of shimmering and muted finishes. The colours : silver, black, violet modernize and update the design. 


« Voile » Stripe. This stripe is available in 4 colours. Fluent and undulating, refined in a matte and glossy shades to enhance your walls 


It is this combination of luxury and the enhanced naturality PRIVILEGE has the feel of a textile collection where detail equals perfection which is the inspiration for this rich and varied collection.


The finesse of the plains, the astute colour combinations and the ornate designs create an exceptional wallcovering, your walls will unrecognisable.


textile on non woven backing
from 175 to 185 g/sqm
roll width
90 cm to 96 cm
per lineal meter