graphics alive 2016 — $89.95 AUD per roll / approx A4 sample — $3.30 AUD*

special order with delivery time: approx.10 working days/murals 21 working days.

about collection

Graphics Alive

The objective of this collection is to make your walls come alive. The patterns used have been known throughout all eras and cultures of mankind.

Geometrical graphics come alive and basic shapes in a modern interpretation create a very unique room environment. In this language of forms, less is more. And the effect is an air of purism and elegance. The shining elements further emphasize the sublime and high-grade character of this collection. These designs will make a room the centre of our home!

Plains amd stripes perfectly attuned to the patterns have a striking effect with details of their own. Colours range from a contrasting black and white to natural shades of beige and a warm chocolate brown, but also include violet and neon green as special eye catchers. 


textured non woven
200 g/sqm
roll width
53 cm
roll length
10 m