denim & co 2018 — $129.95 AUD per roll / approx A4 sample — $3.30 AUD*

special order with delivery time: approx.10 working days/murals 21 working days.

about collection

Denim & Co.

Denim is an integral part of our fashion world. You will find jeans in almost every wardrobe. This trend has extended to the interior design world as well.  We see this tough material in different parts of the house in various colour schemes.



Denim & Co is  modern with some vintage designs. The collection has an industrial and moreover a stout and city look because of the use of tough and natural materials such as concrete, wood and denim. The collection is completed with designs of knitting works, little roses and Amsterdam canal houses. 


The rainbow of colours of Denim & Co consists of remarkable colours such as denim blue, machine green and pure yellow in combination with grey shades and naturals.



With Denim & Co we offer photowallXL (unique wall-size photowalls). From a lifesize map of Amsterdam to a sturdy concrete wall. 


Non-woven wall paper is easy to hang

Denim & Co is a 100% non-woven wallpaper and therefore easy to hang. The adhesive can be applied straight to the wall. There is no need to paste the wallpaper first, nor do you need a pasting table. It’s as easy as can be. On top of this Denim & Co can be easily removed dry, even after years of use. So if you ever want to redecorate, your walls are quickly ready for new wallpaper. 


non woven textile
200 g/sqm
roll width
53 cm
roll length
10 m