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Recently a clear trend towards the use of materials with a natural appeal has been visible. Where a number of years ago, the trend was from the inside to the outside, the trend is now increasingly the opposite. Natural products such as wood and silk increasingly which were typically applied in the outside now come into interiors. The new wall covering range "Metropolitan" perfectly shows this trend. 


In "Metropolitan" applies new silk printing technique. This technique gives a warm, natural shine and texture to the wall covering giving it its silk like appearance.

 "Metropolitan" creates a luxurious and elegant atmosphere with a cosmopolitan appeal combined with a touch of 30s Hollywood glamour, combined with a good balance between classic and modern designs with the rich look of silk, satin, velvet and crystal.

"Metropolitan" is a balanced mix of geometric shapes and elegant designs, combined with natural silk plain and stripe wall coverings.

The colour palette of "Metropolitan" is trendy and chic but also includes soothing colours. The colours range from deep red to deep purple to subdued colours like ivory and ice blue.

Through the use of unique silk printing technique "Metropolitan" creates an overwhelming luxurious atmosphere. "Metropolitan" suits both more classical and more modern interiors.



Application and ease of use 


"Metropolitan" is made on a heavy non-woven wall covering, making "Metropolitan" an easy to hang paste the wall product and guaranteeing a flawless final result. The heavy quality of "Metropolitan" makes the wall covering suitable for application in living rooms, bedrooms and all other living areas of the home. 



Professional applications 


The wall coverings in the "Metropolitan" range meet the highest requirements with regard to washability, light fastness and fire retardance. These properties make "Metropolitan" also very suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, offices and in other high traffic areas. 



non woven textile
220 g/sqm
roll width
53 cm
roll length
10 m