pretty nostalgic 2018 — $129.95 AUD per roll / approx A4 sample — $3.30 AUD*

special order with delivery time: approx.10 working days/murals 21 working days.

about collection

Pretty Nostalgic: a nice story for your walls.

Do you also love brocante and vintage items? Bitten by the shabby chic virus? Always looking for that one unique curiosity that makes your home a cozy and personal place? Then you're probably also blown away by this wallpaper collection 

Pretty Nostalgic is a romantic and nostalgic wallpaper collection: each wallpaper tells its own story. In the same way that you carefully collect your furniture and accessories on flea markets.

Pretty Nostalgic consists of designs with beautiful drawings of flowers, butterflies and birds in sweet pastel colors. These designs bring a pleasant freshness to your home and can be combined with your weathered wooden dresser and other rough accessories perfectly.

Soft materials such as lace, embroidery and wool create a friendly atmosphere in your home. Pretty Nostalgic wallpaper brings this warm atmosphere to your walls: fabrics with zigzag patterns, authentic embroidered roses and colorful ribbons.

Pretty Nostalgic means pure romance: old postcards and vintage photos of romantic Paris show you an endless dream of beautiful love stories. The unique design with hand-drawn, fragile teacups highlights your porcelain dinnerware even better.

Color palette

The soft pastel colors of the Pretty Nostalgic collection, like coral red and sky blue will perfectly contrast with intense colors like coral, turquoise green and royal blue. Black-white and sepia tones give an extra touch of nostalgia in your home and emphasize your brightly colored accessories even more.Pretty Nostalgic gets a matte chalk paint feeling due to the use of glue printing. This printing instantly creates a warm atmosphere in your home.


Pretty Nostalgic offers photowallXL (unique wall-sized photos for walls). From delicious colorful macaroons to vintage magazine covers and postcards.


non woven
200 g/sqm
roll width
53 cm
roll length
10 m