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Please add to your exact wall size plus 10 centimetres in 'width' & 'height' to allow for trimming during installation.

For examples if your wall is 3.2 meters 'width' and 2.7 meters 'height' your measurements entry below should be 3.3 meters 'width' and 2.8 meters 'height'.

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Fresh and imaginative - the second XXL wallpaper digital collection has arrived. It's impossible to imagine being without this technology, which gives everyone the freedom to design their own four walls just as they like. Whatever it is you love, bring it home. Everything's possible! As anything that brings you pleasure is allowed. Choose what suits you from the multitude of motifs we offer. Whether you want to be stimulated in your kitchen by oversized citrus fruits, or you want to enjoy the sun setting in your living room, you'll find here, in numerous theme collections, motifs from nature, romance, elegance, flora, fauna and much more, all of which can be conjured up on your walls in different formats. The plain textured wallpapers also offered use coordinated colours to show the digital motifs in their true light, and emphasise their effect with appropriate reserve.

Mural Size: Xxl (500 x 333 cm)
SKU: 471-746

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