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eurowalls™ wallpaper.
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XXL Worldtrip


Tahiti, USA, India and Tanzania Ð for the digital print collection XXL World Trip, French photographer Robert Putinier travelled to the most beautiful locations in the world to capture some breathtaking images. This will add a whole new selection of individual design options to the photo wallpaper range.

Like this mural? Request a quote for your wall.

eurowalls™ digital+print provides a bespoke approach to murals. We custom produce based on your wall dimensions to ensure the perfect fit.

*Please note that portrait orientated images are best for a narrow wall and a landscape orientation will have the best result on longer wall lengths.

Once you have completed these two easy steps, we will issue you a quote:

  1. Measure your wall, including the height & width in centimetres;
  2. Complete the form here with your details and any special request.

If you proceed with payment, we will provide a working-drawing for approval prior to production & lead time for delivery.

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