our responsibility reaches beyond the wall

eurowalls™ import decorative wallpaper, contract wallcoverings and fabrics that are developed and manufactured according to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

Our products feature a varied and extensive range of colours and designs. Whilst our focus is on design and quality to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of residential, hospitality, healthcare, office and education projects, it would be very short-sighted of us to solely relate to concepts like design and quality. There is a world outside the interiors we decorate.

eurowalls™ only promote product from manufacturers that control all stages of the production supply chain and adhere to a strict environmental policy. This means that we are capable of limiting the impact of our activities in the distribution of wallpaper and fabrics on the environment.

We continue to select our suppliers based on a criteria of triple quality standards: in terms of the design, quality and adapted environmental policies.

For more information and environmental policies, please send your request in writing to info@eurowalls.com.au