If there is one word that rings synonymously with the designs of dreamweaver Dennis Van Zanden, it is LUXE.
With a passion for the bold and mesmerizing, Van Zanden works his magic throughout every facet of the contemporary styles from the Dutch design brand, Muance.
Rebellious in his approach, the formerly trained graphic designer found his calling to create luxurious prints
With a gift for breathing new life into blank canvases with his bold forms, he attributes his love of letting his mind run wild and his unique perspective of “new age” artistic mixed media design influencing and inspiring his creations.
We caught up with Dennis to catch a glimpse behind the curtain of his designs and what it takes to create a collection.
E: What inspired you to dive into design?
DVZ: I studied graphic design during my formative years. I found myself spending a lot of my free time working on photoshop and initially wanted to become a game designer. However, my focus shifted when I discovered my passion for 2d design and artwork creation. Over time my design work has evolved and what I create now is vastly different from what I learned during my time at school. Naturally, I’ve developed my own contemporary style, which I like to implement into the Muance brand.
E: What is your process in creating a collection?
DVZ: To start, I like to create a general inspiration mood board of images/photos of places I’ve visited, especially design fairs, etc.
I use Pinterest for texture ideas, but I prefer to get my inspiration for actual real-world items and places. I like to capture moments from my life and use them to inspire me throughout the design process. I want to let my own experiences lead my creations rather than leaning on trends or what other brands may be creating. This is all just a jumping-off point to give me the first 3-5 designs. I then refocus and continue my design process without it. While creating, I like to let my mind flow, its a solitary process as I have to isolate myself to get in the zone.
E: How fascinating! I suppose the silver lining is that you are in the perfect creative position to create during imposed isolation amidst this time in history. When all is said and done, what would you say is your favorite part of the creative process?
DVZ: Creating the interior visualizations of the designs that I have created is pretty impressive. It just gives you a realistic view of the product line. Honestly, though, it’s quite liberating to finalize everything. Sealing the chapter and sending it to production is quite incredible after months of work.
E: I know this will be challenging but do you have a favorite design?
DVZ: My favorite design is Ubuntu, as it just brings me back to my South African roots. I love ethnic designs in general. I find that it fits a lot of the mainstream interior styles that are happening nowadays.
E: Fabulous. In your opinion, what have been your most and least favorite home design trends of late?
DVZ: Something I see more and more is implementing nature and sustainability into living environments. I love that this brings us closer to our surroundings and makes us far more appreciative of what our world has to offer. Sustainable living combined with design is something that I believe will be increasingly prominent in the future. It is difficult, but my least favorite design trend of late has to be hybrid homes that combine industrial styles with modern glamour. I get the concept, but it just does not appeal to my design sensibilities.
E: Finally, what would you like to see more in design as we cross over into 2021?
DVZ: I am sure many are thrilled about saying so long to 2020. However, for the remainder of this year, I believe we will see more mixes of metallic and textile (high end) wallcoverings. I think these will see a much higher interest as the market begins to appreciate the look and feel of luxurious wallcoverings. I think it just brings an entirely different dimension to a room instead of the standard “flat” wallpaper.
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